A Simple Smoky Eye for Christmas

If you want to give yourself a quick and easy smoky eye for a Christmas Party a cream eyeshadow may well be the easiest way to create the look you are after without having to spend lots of time blending and shading. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a full-on smoky eye using many different shades and layering gel eyeliner with powder etc. etc. but sometimes you just want to do something simple, quick and effective. MAC paint pots are probably my favourite of these shadows with Bobbi Brown coming a very close second, even Kiko (extremely cheap) have some lovely formulations. All that is required is a simple wash of colour over the eyelid up to or just slightly above the crease. I use a concealer brush for this and then blend the top line with a fluffy brush. You could then use a pencil eyeliner, Urban Decay or Charlotte Tilbury have excellent ones to draw a line along your top lash and underneath your lower lashes, if you use a small pencil brush (or cotton bud) to slightly smudge the eyeliner you will have created a sultry smoky eye in no time at all. Gorgeous!