Can YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow replace my favourite Primer?

As many of you know I am a great devotee of Illamasqua primers, my personal favourite being their Hydra Veil. This gel based primer is really good for dry skin, keeping your complexion looking hydrated and slightly radiant whilst also helping to maintain your foundation, it is my personal default primer. However, whilst mooching around Selfridges beauty hall I came across Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow by YSL which promises all that Hydra Veil offers whilst also having blurring properties too, needless to say I invested in a tube (£34 for 40ml). YSL claims that it gives 72 hours of hydration, whatever that means… It is a lovely primer, it has a more silicone feel than Hydra Veil and its blurring properties are great at smoothing the skin without making you feel as though you are wearing heavy makeup. Is it more hydrating than Illamasquas Hydra Veil? I don’t think so, but if you have dryish skin with some open pores or roughness it may be the primer for you.  Will it replace my trusty Hydra Veil? Sometimes, particularly if I am feeling as though my pores are large or I have any rough patches, but if my skin is generally behaving itself, I think Hydra Veil will still remain my number one, with Instant Glow coming in a very close second.

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