Mother’s Day Offer

At The MakeUp Clinic we love to champion women and have decided to celebrate Mother’s Day, Sunday 15th March, by giving a free makeup brush worth £23.99 to every mother that receives a Gift Certificate for one of our 2 hour makeup lessons as their Mothers Day present. The brush is a professional blusher brush which can be used with both powder and cream blushers, it is the same the brush I use everyday both on myself and my clients. Please get in touch if you would like to treat your Mum, we will make her feel very special during her lesson and she will leave not only looking gorgeous and possessing new skills but also with a professional makeup brush with our compliments.

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My Favourite MakeUp Looks From the Bafta’s

Here are some of my favourite looks from last nights Bafta’s. Kristin Scott-Thomas always seems to get it right, I’m not sure whether it is because she is so naturally beautiful or whether it is because she follows a French look, but no-one else seems to do elegant as well as she does, her red lip looks absolutely gorgeous. Another red lip was worn by one of the new Bond Girls (can’t remember her name I’m afriad), worn with soft eyes it gives a beautiful old school Hollywood look, I also love the nude lip worn by the other Bond Girl (don’t know her name either!) with lovely smokey eyes.

Rosamund Pike is so gorgeous I’m sure she could turn up in bin bag with no makeup and still look fabulous!

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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation joins the Gang!

I am a fully fledged foundation junkie, if your foundation is right it will compliment the rest of your makeup, if it is wrong … well we’ve all seen the results and they ain’t pretty!

I have just added a number of Nars Sheer Glow foundations to my collection (I love them so much and will be buying more soon), they give a lovely glowy look to the skin, not shiny or too dewy just really healthy and gorgeous. They give a medium coverage and let your own skin shine through but without the imperfections. I love them.


Possibly the Best Valentine’s Present Ever!!

You may have to drop quite a few hints, but think how gorgeous you’re going to look after one of our famous Makeup Lessons or Expert Applications.  Gift Certificates can be bought for either a makeup application for a special occasion (or for a romantic meal for two!), or for a Makeup Lesson, so that you can look gorgeous every day. I will guide your lovely men to buy the perfect gift for you this Valentine’s Day and make it super easy for him to treat you.


No Cash? No Problem!

I am extremely pleased to announce that The MakeUp Clinic now takes card payments. Next time you want to look gorgeous don’t panic if you haven’t got any cash or can’t remember how to write a cheque (I had to write one the other day and almost forgot how to do my own signature!), as we are all powered up and ready to take payment with our new fancy card machine. As well as taking payments here at the clinic our machine is fully portable and you can also be used if I come to you or over the telephone.

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I Shop, I Buy, I Try …. So you don’t have to!

Its a common problem, you go makeup shopping and end up buying products you’re not sure about and don’t really know how to use.

At The MakeUp Clinic I make sure this doesn’t happen.  Because I am an independent Makeup Artist and don’t sell any makeup I only recommend products that I know are good, and not because I am making a profit from them.  I am also very obsessive about researching and buying only the very best products to use and recommend to my customers.

During my makeup lessons we create a MakeUp Prescription listing all the products that have been used so that if a client wants to go shopping after the lesson they can do so in the knowledge that the products they are buying suit them and their skin.

Because my clients come from all age groups I try to have products that are suitable for young skins as well as more mature skins. This does not mean I try to find products that will suit everybody, but rather, that I have a very large range of products to suit all differing skin types and colouring. For example, I have recently bought some Chanel foundations as pictured below, these are most suited to a more mature skin or someone who wants a matte medium/full coverage foundation and not something I would necessarily use on a teenager. Similarly, the blushers below from Nars and Benefit would suit both young and old alike. The Daniel Sandler blusher is something I bought to use during my makep applications rather than my lessons as it is reasonably difficult to use, it is really lovely…

One size does not fit all. Everyone is different and that is why all my lessons and applications are tailored to the individual.

Here are just a few of my recent acquisitions to add to my already huge kit.





The Secret of Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Have you ever wondered where your eyeshadow goes to? You start the day or evening with your eyeshadow intact and looking gorgeous only for it to mysteriously vanish at some point during the day or evening, changing from blended perfection to a murky smudge, not good. The natural oils on your eyelids work almost as an eye makeup remover, smudging and moving your makeup so that it creases and moves.

In order to stop this happening I always use an eye primer on all my clients. My personal favourites are Urban Decays Eye Priming Potion available at  from £16 and By Terry’s Hyaluronic Eye Primer £32.

EyeshadowPrimerPotionAnti-Age_m UK200006449_BYTERRY


These products absorb any excess oils, smooths and colour corrects the eyelids leaving them ready for your eyeshadow. They make the colour of your eyeshadow remain true and makes applying and blending so much easier. I apply these products using a flat synthetic brush then dust lightly with a neutral loose powder.  It is like an undercoat for the eyelids! Hope this helps to solve the mystery of the vanishing eyeshadow.

Glamorous, Gorgeous, Gabby

GabbyHere is a photo of the Gorgeous Gabby, whose makeup I did for a special night out over Christmas. I used the Charlotte Tilbury palette Dolce Vita for her eyes with a sprinkling of my old favourite Illamasqua Beguile to add a subtle sparkle over the top. Gabby’s own lashes are so volumous and fabulous that I didn’t need to use any fake lashes, I had serious lash envy!  For her base I used MAC studio fix foundation over primer and Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, a little Nars creamy concealer where necessary (which wasn’t much), Chanel bronzer, Illamasqua cream blush in Sleek and a light dusting of loose powder to fix the look without looking powdery. A nude lip finished it all off. Because Gabby is so naturally beautiful I wanted to make her look glamorous whilst not hiding her face under masses of makeup. Incidentally, Gabby is not only gorgeous to look at she is also an extremely lovely person too!

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is a big night for makeup, even those that don’t really wear any all year want to put a little bit on tonight. You will want your makeup to last so that you are still looking gorgeous at midnight, which means layering your products judiciously using a primer under your foundation and an eye primer, if you have one, underneath any eyeshadow, also, don’t forget to powder, it will keep everything in place.  I will be using my favourite Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow under my foundation and sprinkling a little Illamasqua Beguile on top of my eyeshadow, if you can’t get away with a little sparkle tonight when can you?

But remember, Makeup is for life not just for Christmas (or New Year!) New Year is the perfect time to resolve to learn how to apply your makeup well everyday.  It is time to say goodbye to slapping on the same old thing everyday, or nothing at all, and feeling dissatisfied, and time to feel happy with the way you look. I will teach you how to apply your makeup using quality products that suit you so that you can go forward into 2015 feeling confident and looking gorgeous.

Here is a little picture of my lovely dog Nelly all ready for New Years Eve, isn’t she pretty….(She doesn’t normally wear tiaras and pearls, I had to be very quick with the camera!)IMG_0063

My Perfect Party Products

Well the Christmas Party season is in full swing and I thought I would share with you some of the products I am currently using on my gorgeous clients to transform beautiful makeup into beautiful party makeup. These are the products that I seem to use on almost everyone when they come to have their makeup done for a special party. Obviously all the other makeup is chosen to compliment the colouring of whomever I am making up but these products really elevate the look into something special, they provide a sophisticated take on party makeup.  Too many people just slap too much makeup on for a party but with the judicious use of some special products my clients look gorgeous but never heavily made up (I only do drag makeup on those wearing drag, never women wanting to look lovely!)

Firstly is the fabulous Wonder Glow by Charlotte Tilbury. This provides a subtle glow to the skin without looking shiny, unless you suffer from a lot of shine this will just give the illusion of beautiful glowing skin, use under foundation for a lit within look. Next is the loose pigment Beguile from Illamasqua. This colourless ultra fine glitter can be applied over any colour of eyeshadow and just gives a subtle sparkle to the eyes. It can’t be seen from a distance but just offers a lightness and sparkle, up close or underneath the mistletoe it is really beautiful. My next party product can look like an instrument of torture but they’re not, they are the new eyelash curlers by Kevin Aucoin. I was always faithful to my old Shu Uemura eyelash curlers but these new ones from Kevin Aucoin (available at Space NK) have the edge, they are easy and painless to use, if you have never curled your lashes you should try it. Lastly are my favourite false lashes, Ardell knot free lashes. Applied at the outer corners of the eyes, or all along the lash line, they give the look of much fuller fluttery lashes without looking draggy or over the top. Check out The MakeUp Menu above to find out more about occasion makeup.Party Products 1