Holiday MakeUp

This week is all about holiday makeup lessons as my clients get ready for their summer holidays.

When you are away you don’t want to have to take masses of products away with you and spend ages getting ready, there are better things to do on holiday, and I loooove my makeup but even I keep it simple when I am away.  You want minimal products and minimal fuss.

Stay away from heavy foundations and oil based formulas.  A light foundation or tinted moisturiser is all you need, MAC face and body is good as is Studio 10 foundation, just put it where needed not all over, to give you a clearer complexion but so that your skin is still very visible.  The studio 10 foundation is particularly good for travelling (as are all their products) as it comes in a compact, it is also extremely good for more mature skins.  Line your eyes by filling in your top lashes, a spot of mascara, a light application of bronzer, which doesn’t come any better than Chanel’s Soleil Tan, a bit of blusher, I always take Nars Portofino away with me,  lipstick with a bit of gloss and you are good to go.  This is what I would wear in the  evening.  For the daytime I just like to wear sunscreen and nothing else so that I can top it up whenever I need to and not concern myself with my makeup,  I hide behind big sunglasses which negate the need for eye makeup of any kind.  I know not everybody is happy baring their skin with very little or no makeup, or going completely naked on their eyes, at The MakeUp Clinic we can design a look that you are happy with but that is still fuss free.

If you would like to learn easy holiday makeup contact me and we can design simple looks for day and evening so that you can look and feel great while you are away without spending hours getting ready.Holiday Makeup

Just finished my last Prom Girl

Just finished my last prom girl of the season with the lovely Lizzie, who looked completely gorgeous and I hope to have a photo of  her and some of my other beautiful prom girls soon.  Who said teenagers were awful all my lovely girls were an absolute joy and complete pleasure to work with.  At The MakeUp Clinic we like our prom girls to look like the beautiful teenagers they are, we don’t mask beauty we enhance it.

Makeovers with Photos


After working with the wonderful photographer Kate Gregory to do some of the gorgeous photos for this website and having a great time, we have decided to collaborate and offer our clients a makeover and photo service.  If you would like your makeup professionally applied and then have your photo taken by an expert photographer look no further.  Kate is a delight to work with and an expert in putting you at ease to create beautiful shots (I absolutely hate having my photo taken but working with Kate made the whole process easy and enjoyable.)

We will work together to create a look you really like, providing beautiful makeup and expert photography either at your own home or here at The MakeUp Clinic.  We can do family portraits, photos for special occasions or just a beautiful portrait of you, really anything you like.  Please have a look at Kate’s website to see more of her work.

If you fancy having a lovely picture taken of you looking at your best just give me a call or text or email me.  You won’t be disappointed!

photo of laptop

Very Excited as The MakeUp Clinic Website Goes live!

Hi, it is a very exciting day today at The Makeup Clinic as our website goes live!

I thought for this first post I would explain what motivated me to create The MakeUp Clinic in the first place.

As a “woman of a certain age” I found it very difficult to find good advice on what cosmetics to wear and how to wear them. The only option seemed to be the makeup counters in large department stores but I always felt that the advice was more based around what they wanted to sell rather than what I needed to buy. Even brands that traditionally cater more for older woman I always felt that the advice was rushed and largely mediocre. I wanted to go to someone who would really listen to what I wanted, someone who was highly trained and someone who took their time to help me in a caring and constructive manner. I felt that many women were reaching for invasive surgical procedures from botox and fillers to full face lifts when in fact all they needed was a really good professional makeup artist. This prompted me to train at the prestigious School of Makeup in Manchester under the tutelage of the illustrious and inspirational Elaine Myers-Jones. After completing my training I decided to create The MakeUp Clinic. Our aim at the clinic is to give bespoke makeup training and application whatever the age of the client, whether they are a beautiful teenager or a gorgeous Granny, and everyone in between. We believe in enhancing natural beauty not hiding it behind tonnes of makeup. At the makeup clinic every client is treated as the unique individual they are, they are given time and respect in private one to one lessons or applications.

I hope you like this post and it gives you some insight into what we offer at The MakeUp Clinic.