Lovely Testimonial from the Gorgeous Elspeth

I recently had the pleasure of giving a makeup lesson to the very lovely Elspeth.  Afterwards she sent me an unsolicited testimonial for me to share with you … how kind! Here it is followed by a  photo of Elspeth that I took after her makeup lesson (during the lesson she did half of her face and I did the other half).

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to visit Emma for a makeup lesson as I never had a makeup lesson before.  However, Emma immediately made me feel very welcome, relaxed and excited.  We discussed what type of makeup I like and played with different foundations and eye-shadow colours to see what would most suit me.  This was invaluable as I have had so many negative and expensive situations where makeup brands have told me that I am shade X and I look like an orange when I leave the counter! Instead, with Emma, I had the opportunity to try different brands and shades to find my perfect match.  Emma also gave me so many tips and helped me to know where to apply different products.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself and now feel that I have the basics of my makeup kit sorted. Thanks Emma.”

 Elspeth Rose 008