The Pro-Aging MakeUp Lesson

2 hours, £90

This 2 hour lesson is designed to help those women who want to make the very best of themselves regardless of their age, that is why it is called Pro-Aging not Anti-Aging. This lesson celebrates our age and beauty it does not berate us for the passing of the years…

Using clever concealing and contouring skills and using the right products a softer and more randiant appearance can be achieved.

Many woman as they age don’t know how to make the most of their faces as they age, always looking at the negative, during this lesson we will focus on the positive and teach you how to make the most of what you have.

Ageing brings great experience and wisdom, we shouldn’t always be focusing on what is wrong but instead we should be focusing on what is right. It is my sincere belief that we should embrace our age with confidence. This lesson will help you to do just that, beauty is not just for the young! Many women will consider having invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, from full face lifts and eye lifts to injecting botox and fillers.

Whilst these procedures can be helpful for some, they are a drastic step to take to fight the aging process. Learning how to apply your makeup for a new phase in your life can improve your confidence and help you to look and feel better. Those women who have had facial surgery would also benefit from this lesson, learning how to apply your makeup post-surgery is very important and I will show you how to minimize any scarring and make the most of new face.

At The Makeup Clinic I believe that women of all ages should feel good about themselves and by helping you to take control of how you look and apply your makeup, I also hope to help you feel more confident to face your future knowing that you look good.

During the lesson a face chart will be created for you showing exactly what products were used and how to create the look at home.

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