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After having a makeup lesson I always try and take a few photos of my ladies so that they have a nice record of their makeup lesson and of looking fabulous. Almost all of the photos in my Gallery, on the website, are taken by me and have not been photo shopped or enhanced using filters etc.

I always explain this to my customers but thought that it was worth telling everybody else too. Further more, not only haven’t the images been tampered with, but, half of the makeup has been applied by my lovely clients themselves because during one of my makeup lessons I do one side of the face and the client does the other. Don’t I have talented and beautiful customers!

My Autumn Makeup Bag


Well it’s official, the Indian Summer we were enjoying has now ended and my makeup is evolving into something a little more Autumnal. This is quite an organic process for me not a clinical exercise of putting away all my summer makeup and reinstating the products that I wore last year (mainly because I can’t remember what I wore last year!) things subtly change every year and so does how you want to look.

Over the last few months I have been faithfully using to my It Cosmetics CC Cream which gave a whopping 50spf and had a lovely dewy finish, however, as the weather has got a little bit colder I have been reaching for Nars Tinted Moisturisers once again. Because I still have a little colour left in my skin I am mixing the shades Santa Fe and St Moritz to get the perfect match to my skin. I layer this on top of my trusty Estee Lauder CC Cream, which I am officially addicted to, it isn’t a primer as such but I use it as one and it helps correct any redness and gives the skin a lovely healthy glow under foundation. One notable change since the weather became cooler is that I have started using a mattifying primer too on my T-zone, as I prefer to look a little less shiny than I do in the summer. The overall effect is not a heavily made up look but just a slightly more polished look than the one I wear during the warmer months.

Sue Marsh 031

In terms of other makeup I am still reaching for the bronzer to try and retain some colour in my face, and I have gone back to my very trusty Soleil Tan De Chanel and I team this with a couple of Daniel Sandler liquid blushers to give a little flush to the face. With regards to eye makeup, during the summer I was wearing very little eye makeup maybe just a wash of cream eyeshadow and a bit of eyeliner (and mascara, obviously). I have invested in the new Chanel matt pallet which is a mixture of matt brown shadows and one red shadow. I am really enjoying playing with this pallet and getting back to doing a “proper eye”. I have been teaming this with some dark brown gel eyeliner with a little flick – lovely. For my brows I have been filling them in a little with my new Nyx brow pencil, really lovely consistency and cheap, I don’t wear a full instagram brow but do like a little more definition.

As ever I keep my lips reasonably nude, during the summer I became inseparable from my Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and even though the seasons are changing this is not a product I am ready to let go of, maybe I will move to proper lip stick as we move through October… I hope you enjoyed a little look inside my personal makeup bag (it’s actually a box). If you would like your own personal makeup prescription for the new season please get in touch and I would be delighted to help you find the look you want.


Lovely Testimonial from the Gorgeous Elspeth

I recently had the pleasure of giving a makeup lesson to the very lovely Elspeth.  Afterwards she sent me an unsolicited testimonial for me to share with you … how kind! Here it is followed by a  photo of Elspeth that I took after her makeup lesson (during the lesson she did half of her face and I did the other half).

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to visit Emma for a makeup lesson as I never had a makeup lesson before.  However, Emma immediately made me feel very welcome, relaxed and excited.  We discussed what type of makeup I like and played with different foundations and eye-shadow colours to see what would most suit me.  This was invaluable as I have had so many negative and expensive situations where makeup brands have told me that I am shade X and I look like an orange when I leave the counter! Instead, with Emma, I had the opportunity to try different brands and shades to find my perfect match.  Emma also gave me so many tips and helped me to know where to apply different products.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself and now feel that I have the basics of my makeup kit sorted. Thanks Emma.”

 Elspeth Rose 008

Proud Finalist of the English Hair and Beauty Awards

I am very pleased to announce that I have been nominated by one of my lovely customers for the English Hair and Beauty Awards in the category of Makeup Specialist. The awards aim to reward those in the beauty industry who help to make the world a more beautiful place.

The English Hair & Beauty Awards 2016  - FINALIST BADGE

Woo Hoo – Restocking for the New Year!

There is nothing I like more than a little retail therapy of the cosmetic kind. I decided to do a little restocking of my kit and have invested in lots of Nars tinted moisturisers, and an eye wateringly expensive Chantecaille one too. Talking of expensive items I also treated myself to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, one word – gorgeous! Along side these I have also bought some Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows, some MAC matt lip sticks as well as replacing some lip colours from my kit that have completely been finished (I love it when that happens, means I chose well), not to mention a new budget friendly eyebrow product Archery by Soap and Glory. All will help when I am giving Makeup Lessons so that I can recommend particular products and shades to my clients so that they know exactly what to use and so avoid costly mistakes.

Sue Gibson 021

A Simple Smoky Eye for Christmas

If you want to give yourself a quick and easy smoky eye for a Christmas Party a cream eyeshadow may well be the easiest way to create the look you are after without having to spend lots of time blending and shading. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a full-on smoky eye using many different shades and layering gel eyeliner with powder etc. etc. but sometimes you just want to do something simple, quick and effective. MAC paint pots are probably my favourite of these shadows with Bobbi Brown coming a very close second, even Kiko (extremely cheap) have some lovely formulations. All that is required is a simple wash of colour over the eyelid up to or just slightly above the crease. I use a concealer brush for this and then blend the top line with a fluffy brush. You could then use a pencil eyeliner, Urban Decay or Charlotte Tilbury have excellent ones to draw a line along your top lash and underneath your lower lashes, if you use a small pencil brush (or cotton bud) to slightly smudge the eyeliner you will have created a sultry smoky eye in no time at all. Gorgeous!


Can YSL Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow replace my favourite Primer?

As many of you know I am a great devotee of Illamasqua primers, my personal favourite being their Hydra Veil. This gel based primer is really good for dry skin, keeping your complexion looking hydrated and slightly radiant whilst also helping to maintain your foundation, it is my personal default primer. However, whilst mooching around Selfridges beauty hall I came across Top Secret Instant Moisture Glow by YSL which promises all that Hydra Veil offers whilst also having blurring properties too, needless to say I invested in a tube (£34 for 40ml). YSL claims that it gives 72 hours of hydration, whatever that means… It is a lovely primer, it has a more silicone feel than Hydra Veil and its blurring properties are great at smoothing the skin without making you feel as though you are wearing heavy makeup. Is it more hydrating than Illamasquas Hydra Veil? I don’t think so, but if you have dryish skin with some open pores or roughness it may be the primer for you.  Will it replace my trusty Hydra Veil? Sometimes, particularly if I am feeling as though my pores are large or I have any rough patches, but if my skin is generally behaving itself, I think Hydra Veil will still remain my number one, with Instant Glow coming in a very close second.

Facebook Photos Autumn Winter 15 016

A Refresh MakeUp Lesson for my Gorgeous DIY Bride

This week the very gorgeous Debra (my DIY Bride)  came back for a Refresh MakeUp Lesson to update her makeup for Autumn/Winter. Using a few new products such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita Palette, Plum Foolery Blush by MAC and a plummy lip stick called Rapture by Urban Decay we created a look that was modern, sophisticated and very pretty. Debra has beautiful big eyes which are a delight to makeup and has skin that is quite simply perfect (I really mean it, no blemishes, no discolouration – nothing but perfection!). And yes you guessed it, she’s a lovely person too. This is the result, I’m sure you will agree she looks quite simply Gorgeous!

Debra Richardson 004

Charlotte Tilbury & Plum Foolery 009

What Lizzy Loves

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and giving a makeup lesson to the lovely Lizzy of the blog What Lizzy Loves. Lizzy is a blogger and editor of Aspire Magazine a Skipton based publication. I made the very picturesque journey over to her gorgeous home in Skipton, Yorkshire. Lizzy’s blog covers fashion and lifestyle, with many great outfit suggestions, it is a warm and accessible blog, with an emphasis on how to wear your clothes and how to put outfits together, not just what to buy next.  She has written a blog post about her makeup lesson which you can see here

Lizzy was a pleasure to make up and to teach. She has great skin and beautiful green eyes and a full mouth. I used a combination of aubergine colours on her eyes which really made her eye colour stand out. As a lover of lipstick I was also able to give Lizzy a bold lip which I think you will agree from looking at the photo below, looks gorgeous.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Review

This eye primer from Too Faced is very similar to Urban Decays Primer Potion and I have really only started using it to see if there was a marked improvement over the Urban Decay offering. The idea behind an eye primer is to stop your eye shadow from creasing and to intensify it’s colour.

Facebook Photos Autumn Winter 15 007


There is very little difference between the two products, my only gripe with the Too Faced Primer is that you need to shake the tube and manipulate it a bit before you use it or it can separate a little (although this only seemed to happen when I first received it through the post and the tube was very cold, once it had warmed up it was fine).  The price of this primer is £17. On the whole I like this primer, it does what it says it’s going to do and makes your eyeshadow look brighter without changing the colour and makes all your hard work applying your eye makeup last all day. It is slightly coloured and evens out the eye lids a little which also helps. I am intrinsically lazy and always use a primer before I apply eye shadow, I just don’t see the point in struggling to blend eye colours on a slightly greasy eye lid, where the shadow sticks to one part and not to another, this eye primer does add a little time to your makeup routine but pays dividends by the fact that you don’t have to worry about your eye makeup mysteriously disappearing throughout the day, once it’s on, it’s on.

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